Illinois CyberKnife Prostate Patient Testimonial: Ed’s Story

Watch prostate cancer survivor Ed Lerner talk about his CyberKnife experience at Illinois CyberKnife. Ed said his treatments were extremely easy and were a breeze. They were not at all uncomfortable, and the radiation technicians were great. They were very friendly and made him feel comfortable. According to Ed, the entire Illinois CyberKnife staff was outstanding.

Meet Dr. Arica Hirsch

CyberKnife Patient Story

The only thing you can lose is the tumor you are trying to lose. I’m living proof that it actually works.

Prostate Cancer Patient Testimonial

I did not want to deal with the post-operation side effects of surgery for prostate cancer, and CyberKnife offered a totally different course of treatment.

Trigeminal Neuralgia patient, Mary, describes her experience with CyberKnife

I was treated in one session and the pain began to subside within three weeks of treatment.

CyberKnife Testimonial: Rebecca’s Story

A year after being treated for breast cancer, doctors found that the cancer had spread to her brain. Hear from Rebecca and her experience with noninvasive CyberKnife treatment for brain metastases.

CyberKnife patient, Donna, shares her treatment experience for lung cancer

There were no side effects and it was a lot better than surgery.

Metastatic Cancer Patient Testimonial

The treatment was fast, easy and there was no pain or side effects.

Dr. Arica Hirsch explains her role as a radiation oncologist.

To learn more about Dr. Hirsch, visit our team page.

Hear from Our Medical Director: Dr. Arica Hirsch

Illinois CyberKnife Medical Director shares the importance of understanding her patients when making cancer treatment recommendations.

Brain Tumor Patient Testimonial

During treatment, I felt very calm, safe, and relaxed. I had no side effects after and actually had more energy because I was no longer experiencing headaches.

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