Research Study: Cancer Causing Chemicals in Smokeless Tobacco Products

According to a recent study published in Cancer Prevention Research, researchers found that higher levels of cancer-causing chemicals in smokeless tobacco products led to greater exposure to various carcinogens.

The study reported that the majority of smokeless tobacco consumers in the U.S. are unaware of the levels of cancer-causing chemicals in their smokeless tobacco products.

Researchers noted that, “at a minimum, the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) should provide smokeless tobacco consumers information about the different levels of cancer-causing chemicals in different brands of smokeless tobacco and, ideally, require levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines be substantially reduced, if not eliminated, in all products. Levels of these chemicals in smokeless tobacco products could be readily reduced by changing manufacturing practices.”

One way you can help prevent the risk of a lung cancer diagnosis is to avoid tobacco products altogether, as well as exposure to secondhand smoke. To find out more about this study, visit the American Association of Cancer Research.

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