Illinois CyberKnife Treatment Protocol for Liver Cancer Metastases

Long considered incurable, liver metastasis treatment has typically focused on palliative care, but Illinois CyberKnife is working to change that. Overseen by Medical Director Dr. Arica Hirsch, Illinois CyberKnife’s clinical team developed a liver metastasis treatment protocol based on recent studies that show aggressive, local treatment can extend survival for certain patients.

Illinois CyberKnife treats patients with metastatic disease using CyberKnife® technology. The advanced machine delivers stereotactic body radiation therapy, a high-dose radiation treatment completed in five or fewer sessions. During treatment radiation beams are aimed from any of approximately 1,600-targeted angles, creating a highly conformal radiation dose. The extreme accuracy minimizes radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue.

The treatment protocol is designed to treat eligible liver metastasis patients with a combination of CyberKnife® stereotactic body radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The study is open to colorectal cancer patients of all ages who have four or fewer liver metastases and have not developed metastases in other parts of the body. There is no size limit for the metastases, though to qualify, candidates must have normal liver function. For more information on eligibility and enrollment in the protocol, contact us.