American Cancer Society 2014 Lung Cancer Statistics

Each year the American Cancer Society releases their facts and figures research detailing expected incidence rates, death rates and disease information. Below are the key statistics for lung cancer this year:

  • Estimated Number of New Lung Cancer Cases, US 2014:

 Respiratory system: 242,550

 Lung & bronchus: 224,210 (13% of all cancer diagnoses)

  • Estimated Number of Lung Cancer Deaths, US 2014:

 Respiratory system: 163,660

 Lung & bronchus: 159,260

  • 2014 rankings:

 Estimated new cases: Lung cancer ranks second for males and females

 Estimated deaths: Ranks No. 1 (Accounts for 27% of all cancer deaths)

For more information or additional statistics, visit the American Cancer Society.

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